Every country has their high and low tourism seasons, often times peak season runs from December to January simply because people have vacation time during the holiday season. This is definitely true in Thailand. You’ll have a much difference experience visiting Thailand in the peak or high season than the low season.

Peak Season: December – January

High Season: October – April

Low Season: May – September

The low tourism season is mainly due to the fact that it’s also the rainy season, but if you don’t mind a little rain, it might be the best time to visit…

What to Expect During the Low Season in Thailand

  • Cheaper accommodation
  • Vacancy in some of the best vacation spots
  • Calm and quite beaches in Pattaya
  • More bargaining power in taxi rides
  • Calmer atmosphere
  • Less crowded attractions

What to Expect During the High Season in Thailand

  • Accommodations prices 50% higher, or more
  • Sleeping arrangements must be booked far in advance
  • Less bargaining power in hotel and taxi prices
  • Crowded beaches

While you could determine the best time to visit Thailand by the weather (probably the cool season), it’s really difficult to say when the best time is to visit Thailand.

If you’re thinking about retiring to Thailand, I suggest avoiding visiting for the first time during the peak season—you won’t be getting the real Thai experience.