How will you fund your purchase, and make your deposit payments?

Property Advice: Finance & payments

Telegraphic transfer

Telegraphic transfer is our preferred method and a more normal way of sending larger amounts internationally. There is also usually only a small fixed fee imposed by your bank as opposed to 3.5-6% if using online payments. Whilst the consumer protection is limited and not as strong as debit/credit card transactions, it is worth asking what your bank can offer in this regard.

If your purchase fails, due to over-subscription, any funds received into our bank accounts will be refunded in full. We will also include an amount to cover your bank fees.

Mortgages / financing

We have access to the best mortgage facilities in the given region that we are purchasing in.

If you require us to arrange the mortgage, you would need to view Our Mortgage Products page, and make sure you can qualify. Then indicate that you want us to arrange your finance when paying your deposit.

While our mortgages will be the best available, in the particular region.  It is extremely unlikely that they will provide better value, than if you had sourced the finance in your home country.

It is always a good idea to explore the range of financial products available from your domestic institutions. You will find that you could save up to 5%, on fees and interest rates.

The most economical method of financing your purchase is to use the funds that you currently have on deposit, there are obviously no fees or interest rates to pay.