If you’re heading to Thailand to decide whether or not you’d like to make the move to the country, it’s a great idea to live like the locals do—as in don’t do only touristy things! Locals don’t frequent tourist attractions, when you move, these tourist attractions won’t be on your must-see list for long!

Here are a few ways you can get off the beaten path in Thailand:

Visit the Beaches that Aren’t in the Tour Guides

The beaches that aren’t listed in the tour books are often the best! Although the most popular beaches are great during the slow season, the beaches that just missed making the top 10 are just down the coast waiting for you. Take a drive until you find a beach that looks just right for you!

Tonsai beach is a great example, although there may be a few tourists, it’s laid back and perfect for a day at the beach in Thailand!

See the Nearly Untouched Islands

Thailand has tons of islands, and just like with the beaches, some are more popular than others. If you feel like checking out some of the Thai islands try these:

Koh Bulon Lae: Best low-key beach

Koh Libong: Best to see nature

Koh Mak: Best for families

Ko Adang: Best for camping out

Visit the North

Bangkok and many of the cities along the beach tend to attract the most tourists, but the northern cities of Thailand are beautiful as well, they don’t quite get the attention they deserve. If you’re staying along the coast take a trip up to the north to visit the mountains!

Ask the Locals

What better way to find out what the locals do in the area than to ask?! Many Thai’s speak English, and are quite friendly—most would be more than happy to give you advice on what to do while you’re in the area!