If you’re considering moving abroad, weather to Thailand or any other country, you’ve probably heard the term expat thrown around in articles and online forums. It’s a term that many people are unfamiliar with until they decide to move to another country themselves. Here’s the definition:

Expatriate (shorted to expat): a person who lives outside their native country.

Living as an expat can be tough, but oh so rewarding! There are many reasons people feel enticed to move abroad; in Thailand expats enjoy a low cost of living, warm weather, beautiful beaches, as well as a wonderful cultural experience. Expats of all ages and from all around the world have found something to enjoy in Thailand, but that doesn’t mean that makes it any easier. Here are a few tips that expats have shared:

Eliminate things. It can be emotional to let go of many of your belongings (lets face it, you can’t take everything with you), but it’s something that needs to be done. While you’re packing ask yourself a few simple questions to decide what you should take with you.

Have more money than you think. Although the cost of living may be lower where you’re moving to, such as in Thailand, don’t underestimate how much you’ll need. You don’t want to be stuck abroad without enough money to survive!

Don’t move overseas for the wrong reasons. If you’re thinking about moving overseas to avoid problems at home, you’ll distract yourself for a while, but soon enough you’ll find yourself facing the same troubles.

Try to understand their culture. When living abroad, don’t try to push your values on others or expect them to understand yours. Every culture has different custom and etiquette as well, for example, in Thailand dining etiquette, you’re not to use a fork to put food into your mouth.

Current expats have a lot of advice to offer, check out online forums and message boards to find other expats from the area you’re moving to and ask them for advice—I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help!