If you’ve never visited Thailand, then you’ve never truly tasted Thai food. No other country can do thai foodThai food the way that Thai’s do! Although you may think you like Thai food, there are many differences between the flavor of the food you’ll find in your own country and authentically prepared Thai dishes. If you’re considering moving to Thailand for retirement or just purchasing a holiday home along the beautiful beach shores of Thailand, here’s what you can expect when eating out:

Less meat: In many countries the amount of meat served is significantly more that what you would find in an authentic Thai meal.

More Herbs: For some reason when preparing Thai food many countries shy away from the use of herbs for flavor. Other countries tend to flavor the meat and let it be the star of the show, but the use of herbs adds more flavor to any dish.

Dried shrimp: This may be due to the lack of availability or popularity of dried shrimp in other areas of the world, but these little shrimps add extra flavor, saltiness, and an appealing texture to Thai dishes such as som tam (green papaya salad).

More sour: Not all Thai food has a sour flavor, but the dishes that do are much more toned down in other countries. If you’re not a fan of the sour flavor (it’s really an acquired taste) you can ask for your dish to be prepared less sour, but it will still likely be more sour that what you’re used to.

Smaller portion sizes: The portion sizes, specially compared to the portion sizes in America, are significantly smaller. This isn’t to say that Thai’s eat less, but snacking throughout the day is much more common in Thailand.

Lower price: The low cost of living, which Thailand is so famous for among retirees, means inexpensive meals out. The typical price for a dish out in Thailand is approximately 30-24 TBH, that’s less than £2 per meal!

Have you eaten in Thailand and noticed any other differences between the Thai dishes in your own country?