Making the decision to move abroad can be difficult, to make the decision easier, here are 3 things you can do to help ensure yourself that you’re making the right choice.

Experience Life In Thailand

Plan a trip and stay a few days in each of the areas you think you would like to move to in Thailand; different cities, or just different areas of one city. Although you can easily arrange a hotel, consider renting a condo or house though websites like Airbnb for a truly local experience. You might be tempted to eat at some of the touristy restaurants in Thailand, but try to eat like a local; after all, this is how you’ll be eating when you move! Ask Thai residents for restaurant suggestions, or do your grocery shopping at local markets and cook your meals at home.

Get Together With Other Local Expats

If you happen to talk with other expats living in Thailand through your research in online forums or other sources, consider meeting up with them. Talking with others who have made the move can provide valuable insight into what it is like living in the country. Learn from mistakes they may have made and seek advice on making the move easier. Thailand’s expats can also make for great guides to the area; they can help discover local restaurants and markets, as well as point out tourist attractions to avoid. If you are lucky you might even make a good friend in the process, which can make life more enjoyable once you make the big move abroad.

Discover All That There Is To See And Do

There are plenty of things to both see and do in Thailand, while you are there, find out what there is to do in the area that you are thinking about moving to. Don’t get too wrapped up in the excitement though, save some these experiences for after the move! If you’re looking for things to do in Pattaya, Thailand, find some great ideas here and here!