Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to see if we already have the answer.


  1. Why invest in Asia? Asia clearly has the most dynamic group of emerging economies in the world. This has been the case for many years. The property sectors, in the countries we invest in, also have this dynamism, and continue to provide excellent growth.
  2. Why choose Asia over investing in the UK? We do not necessarily choose one country over another. We do look for opportunities, where ever they are. It is undeniable that the UK “buy to Let” market has been “flat” with poor returns for many years.
  3. What return can I expect on average? The return varies depending on the type of property, location etc. and also the goals of the investor when the purchase is made. We are able to give an indication price and specific data, for each investment we make.
  4. How can I buy in Asia – I thought only locals could buy property? You can own a property in any of the markets we operate in.
  5. Is my investment secure? Yes, there are few investment instruments, as secure as property.
  6. What help is available to me after sale? We are always available to assist before as well as after the sale. Our team is multi-lingual, and we appoint a group of professionals where ever we purchase. It is unlikely that there will be a problem with the properties, because they are new and every door hinge, light switch etc.is checked before we buy it.
  7. How long have you been trading? We have been in this business 24 years.
  8. How do I find out further details on a property? After viewing all the media on the website, should you have any further questions you can e-mail, call or contact us via the live chat option. You may also arrange to meet with us to view the property.
  9. I want to put a deposit down, what’s the procedure? You would pay the 10,000 Thai Baht at our offices
  10. Can you provide references for other clients you have worked with? Yes these are available on request.
  11. How long will it take to complete the purchase? 4-6 Weeks.
  12. Do I have to use your legal team for the purchase? No, you can use your own solicitors who are based in Thailand.
  13. What am I buying? Is it a lease, my own property to do as I please? Generally, the properties are all freehold. You will have complete ownership so can therefore do as you please.
  14. What kind of survey will I need to get? There is no obligation to get a survey, although there are always local surveying firms available. You would need to decide on what type of survey is best for you.
  15. When do I sign the contract? The contract to purchase is signed immediately. The legal documentation (to transfer title) is signed between the 4th and 6th week, with your solicitors.
  16. Can I use a solicitor based in the UK? This is not possible.
  17. Can I get a mortgage on a foreign property? Yes we have access to foreign mortgages.
  18. Does the legal process in Asia take longer than in the UK? The timescales are similar for new build properties.
  19. Do I need a translator? Our team can translate for you, and all of our documentation is translated into your native language. Our solicitors also speak English. You also have the option of appointing your own translator.
  20. How can I find out if my purchase is legitimate? You will receive (and sign) certified copies of the transfer documents with your name on them. These documents are also publicly available at the local land registry office.
  21. How does the legal process work in Thailand? Please visit the Legal Information page.
  22. Who specialises in financing overseas property purchases? We source local banks who provide mortgage finance.
  23. How does the exchange of monies work? Funds are paid via telegraphic transfer.
  24. Do I need insurance? There is no obligation to take insurance. You would have to assess your own requirements.
  25. Can I use my property for rentals? Yes.
  26. Do I have to pay tax on my purchase? Yes, each country has its own tariff on purchase taxes.
  27. Are there agents that will help relocate people abroad? Yes, we can help you find a reputable firm.
  28. What are all the costs associated with purchasing a property in Thailand? View the Legal Information page regarding the taxes payable. Your solicitor will provide you with a detailed quotation including their fees.