As a first-class property investment company we are dedicated to helping make your dreams come true.

With offices in London, Hong Kong and Pattaya (Thailand), Salisbury Group Asia (a subsidiary of Salisbury Group Limited), focuses solely on providing our buyers with great value properties in South Asia.

With over 20 years’ experience, we are passionate about property and helping our clients achieve the quality of life they deserve. Whether you are looking for a future investment, a second home or a place to retire to, we would love to help guide you in making the best investment for your future.

What makes us different?
Swimming pool_Beach front view

When people partner with us, they do so for life. We don’t just sell them a property and leave them to fend for themselves. Our approach is to nurture and build our relationships and therefore we provide support to all of our client’s before, during and after purchase. This isn’t a one-time-only encounter but a partnership!

One of the key factors in our success, are our team of multi-lingual researchers. We have people on the ground in every region we intend to buy. We feel it is unrealistic to expect to find value by simply doing an internet search. Local knowledge is key.

How we select our propertiesMarina & Beachfront View

When a potential new opportunity has been found, we then apply a few more key criteria. The most important being desirability.

It is very difficult for a property to increase in value if people do not desire to live in it, stay in it long/ short term or buy it.

In our view, the key criteria which make a property desirable are:

  • Location
  • Aesthetic. The property should be stylish/ pleasing to look at
  • Excellent finish – quality kitchens, bathrooms and general fittings
  • Facilities. Gymnasium, Swimming pool etc.
  • Maintenance. There must be a robust contract with a reputable company in place.

Maintenance 001ocean-portofino-6

There is sometimes a cultural tendency in Asia, not to commit to maintaining a building, once it is complete. Clearly a building like this will struggle to appreciate in value. This is evidenced in the many cities we look at, where apartments are worth only a fraction of their original selling price.

It is a real risk. We therefore look for developers who have an excellent track record of maintenance for 5-10 years after project completion. If this is not available, but we really like the project, we may enter into a binding contract with the developer, making them liable for any future problems with building maintenance.

Pricing Apartments in Pattaya

The first thing we would hope to hear  when you see one of our properties is “I want/like this property” your second thought then being “how much is it?”

Once we have achieved all of our aforementioned criteria. We still will not buy unless a price of at least 15% below the market can be obtained. It is not easy!

Once criteria and price have been met, we will purchase between 10 and 60 properties. These properties will then be offered to you as our partners/ members.

We are so confident in our method; we offer to immediately rent the property from you on a guaranteed rental scheme for up to 24 months, with possible option to extend.

What can you expect from us?

We provide:

  • A unique service tailored to your needs
  • Lucrative property opportunities in Asia
  • Multilingual, friendly and professional staff
  • Over 20 years’ success history
  • In-depth knowledge and advice of the local areas
  • A range of investment options
  • Outstanding customer service

But that’s not all…..

If you become a member with Salisbury Group Asia, you will also receive:

  • Discounts on all properties
  • Discounts on a range of services such as car hire, furniture pack, transport costs
  • Free property investment help and advice even if you are not purchasing one of our properties – it’s like having your own personal investment guru
  • Help with all your translation needs: English, Thai, Chinese and Russian
  • Beat the crowds, members receive first hand refusal on all upcoming properties two weeks before the public
  • Free access to property reports, buyers guides and papers

Why not take advantage of all these member perks for free by registering online today?