Thailand is one of those places that keeps growing in popularity and is constantly making the list of best places to retire. Many retirees are looking to Thailand as a way to stretch their retirement savings, but Thailand is a great location for anyone looking for new experiences abroad. Here is a look at the top 5 reasons that expats are just loving Thailand:

5. The Food

Authentic Thai food… Do I even have to say more? In the U.S. Thai restaurants are some of the most popular out there, but you haven’t tasted Thai food until you’ve tried the real thing!

If you’re not into Thai food, you’ll likely be able to find grocers and eateries that offer the food native to your home country! Never feel homesick for your favorite food.

4. It’s a Beautiful Country

Depending on which area of the country you move to, you’ll either be surrounded by serene mountain views or beautiful beaches. If mountains are your thing then Northern Thailand is where you should be looking. Are you a beach person? Pattaya alone has multiple beaches!

3. Large Number of Expats

With over 20 million foreign visitors and expats arriving each year, it’s likely that you’ll find someone from your own country to reminisce with.

2. Low Language Barrier

Due to the large number of foreigners living in and visiting Thailand, many natives have learned to speak English well. Doing everything from purchasing a home in Thailand to going for a night out in the city is easy!

1. Low Cost of Living

The number one reason that foreigners are flocking to Thailand is for the low cost of living! Housing, food, clothing, entertainment… anything you need, you can find in Thailand for less.

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